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Greater Burnet Saxifrage

Common Wall Lizard

Flower Beetle

Roman Snail

Mountain Goat

Grey Mountain Carpet

Blood or Red-and-Black Froghopper

Puss Moth (and friend …)

Poplar-and-Willow Borer

Knapweed Fritillary

Spotted Cranefly

Dance Fly

Blue Ground Beetle

Small Tortoiseshell

Common Forester Moth

Creeping Gypsophila

Meadow Cranesbill

Field Gentian


Cotton Grass

Blue Fleabane

Small Yellow Foxglove

Large Yellow Foxglove

Silver-ground Carpet Moth

St Bernard’s Lily

Spotted Fritillary

Titania’s Fritillary

Alpine Skullcap

Red Campion

Rove Goat

France – Champagny-le-Haut – The French Alps

France – Champagny-le-Haut – The meadows

France – Champagny-le-Haut – Les maisons

France – Champagny-le-Haut – Waterfall

Cinnabar Bracket

Spiked Speedwell

Field Beaked Milk Vetch

Mountain Sainfoin

Field Scabious

Viper’s Bugloss

Long-stalked Yellow Sedge

Biting Stonecrop

Foliose Lichen 2

Peltigera Lichen 3

Toy Soldiers 1b

Squamulose Lichen 1

Windy Umbellifer

Wood Vetch

Creeping Speedwell


Red Mountain Clover

Mountain Clover

Nottingham Catchfly

Mountain Houseleek

Cobweb Houseleek

Alpine Skullcap

Rock Soapwort

Dog Rose


Round-leaved Wintergreen

Large Self-heal

Lesser Butterfly Orchid

Hoary Plantain

Common Butterwort

Dark Rampion

Grass of Parnassus

Picris Broomrape

River Tamarisk

Rock Blackberry

Martagon or Turk’s Cap Lily

Musk Mallow

Snowy Woodrush

Alpine Toadflax

Orange, Fire or Tiger Lily

Red Dead Nettle

Water Avens

Dusky Cranesbill or Mourning Widow

Wood Pink

Marsh Orchid


Stemless Carline Thistle

Alpine Thistle

Fairy’s Thimble

Alpine Bartsia

Great Masterwort

Alpine Lady’s Mantle

Hairless Adenostyles

Another donkey!

Longhorn Beetle

Marbled White

Damon Blue

Dark Bush-cricket

Oak Spider

Pine Sawfly

Alpine Grizzled Skipper

Common Blue

Garden Chafer

Small Apollo Butterfly

Apollo Butterfly

Small Gold or Upland Meadow Grasshopper (flightless)

High Brown Fritillary

Large Banded Grasshopper (flightless female)

Black-veined White

Transparent Burnet