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Spain – Picos de Europa – ‘Mountains in the Sky’

Spain – Picos de Europa – At the top

Spain – Picos de Europa – Cable Car

Spain – Picos de Europa – Campsite at Fuente De

Spain – Picos de Europa – Fuente De from the top

Spain – Picos de Europa – Bus from Santander

Spain – Picos de Europa – Maps

Pyrenean Rampion

European Owlfly

Dog Rose

Nodding Thistle

Pyrenees Sea Holly

Lady’s Smock

Thyme-leaved Speedwell

Thread-leaved Water-crowfoot

Common Dog Violet

Winged Broom

Maiden Pink

Stinking Hellebore

Bristly Dogstail

Sheep’s Bit

Common Wall Lizard

Malling Toadflax

Round-headed Rampion

Prostrate Toadflax

Hairy Sandwort

Stemless Gentian

Shrubby Gromwell

Spring Gentian

Alpine Squill

Viper’s Bugloss

Pale Flax

Large Self-heal

White Ashphodel

Spotted Dead-nettle

Horned Pansy

Cantabrian Chalk Hill Blue

Common Rockrose

Vinegar Cup

Hoof Fungus

White Clover

Mountain Alyssum

Drug Eyebright

Alpine Aster

Mountain Fern Moss

Alpine Erinus

Pyrenean Germander

Provence Broom

Greater Stitchwort


Hairy Rupturewort

English Iris

Greater Knapweed

Paper Wasp


Sticky Flax

Bastard Balm

Common Mallow

Spreading Bellflower

St Dabeoc’s Heath

Upright Mignonette

Large-flowered Butterwort

Austrian/Hungarian Speedwell

Saddle Ground Bug

Jersey Tiger Moth

Salad Burnet

Nottingham Catchfly

Common Milkwort

Wild Thyme

Wood Vetch

Petty Spurge

Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil

Soldier Beetle

Common Forrester

Sweet Woodruff

Alpine Toadflax

Yellow Dung-fly

King Cups or Marsh Marigold

Fleshy Candytuft

Dwarf Spurge Laurel

Alpine Forget-me-not

Cantabrican Stock


Blue Bugle

Mountain Kidney-vetch

Mining Solitary Bee


Slender Broomrape

Three-bird Toadflax


Large Red (black) Slug

Lesser Butterfly Orchid

Fly Orchid

Sawfly Orchid

Lizard Orchid