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Alpine Aquilegia

Six-spot Burnet

Leaf Beetle


Waved Carpet Moth


Rock Blackberry

Oxeye Daisy

White Buttercup

Great Burnet

Slender Bellflower

Meadow Clary

Greater Wintergreen

Field Scabious

Violet Helleborine

Fragrant Orchid & Green Weavil

Slender Broomrape

Wood Vetch

Bearded Bellflower

Meadow Cranesbill

Buckler Mustard (fruit)

Water Avens

Yellow Monk’s Hood

Least Soldanella

Globe Flower

Dwarf Alpenrose

Whorled Lousewort

Golden Hawk’s Beard

Wood Forget-me-not

Fir Clubmoss

Moss Campion or Cushion Pink & Hover fly


False White Helleborine Veratrum album



Rock Soapwort

Alpine Butterwort

Clustered Bellflower


Grass of Parnassus

Spotted Orchid


Devil’s Claw

Einsel’s Aquilegia


Field Gentian

Common Wild Thyme

Fly Orchid and Wasp

Purple Lettuce

Short-spurred Fragrant Orchid

Buonarota’s Speedwell

Swiss Treacle Mustard

Frog Orchid

Box-leaved Milkwort

Hybrid Buttercup

Bladder Campion

Turk’s cap Lily

Kidney Vetch

Striated Daphne

Trumpet Gentian

Alpine Heath

Alternate-leaved Golden Saxifrage

Alpine Soldanella

Spring Gentian

Broad-leaved Speedwell

Two-flowered Pansy

Hairy Alpenrose

Alps Campion

Mountain Avens

Alpine Clematis

Small Balsam

Doronicum Ragwort

Transparent Burnet Moth (on Betony-leaved Rampion)

Forester Moth (on Alpine Cat’s-tail)

Veronica fruticans

Into the Dolomites – Upland Meadows

Into the Dolomites – The Mountains

Italy – Dobbiaco – the Campsite

Italy – Dobbiaco – the Cathedral

Italy – Venice – the Doge’s Palace

Italy – Venice – St Mark’s Square

Italy – Venice – St Mark’s Cathedral

Italy – Venice – the Shops

Italy – Venice – the Bridges

Italy – Venice – the Canals

Italy – Venice – the Railway Station

Italy – Venice to Dobbiaco and the Dolomites

Small White Orchid

Lesser Butterfly Orchid