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Preying Mantis

Needlebush or Silky Hakea – invader from Australia

Yellow or Sticky Fleabane

Horsetail Knotweed

Elm-leaved Bramble

Purple Milk Thistle

Fringed Rue

Wild Parsnip

Thick-kneed Flower Beetle

Weasel’s Snout or Lesser Snapdragon

Tiny Bells

Mediterranean Catchfly, Windmill Pink or Gunpowder Weed

Goldenrod Crab Spider (female)

Shrubby Restharrow

Common Greenshield Lichen (on Cork Oak)

Portugal – Odeceixe – The Bay

Portugal – Odeceixe – The Village

Portugal – Odeceixe – Forms

Butcher’s-Broom, Knee Holly or Jew’s Myrtle


Purple Loosestrife

Portugal – Odeceixe – the Cafe/Shop

Carpenter Ant

Pied-winged Robberfly

Stag Beetle

Pitch Trefoil

Canary Island Date Palm

Gerard’s Kidney Vetch

Sharp or Spiney Rush


Scarlet Pimpernel or Shepherd’s Weatherglass

Mediterranean Buckthorn (fruit)


Sand Spurry

Balm-leaved Figwort

Sheep’s-bit Scabious with Red Velvet Mites on styles

Milkweed Bug

Ramping Fumitory

Reed Mace, Bulrush or Cat-o’-nine-tails

Crow Garlic

Branched Bur-reed

Selfheal or Heart-of-the-Earth

European Yellow Lupine

Foxtail Bristle-grass

Common Stork’s-bill

Wild Oat

Cork Oak

Round-headed Club-rush


Spotted Medick (fruit)

Common Speedwell


Wood Sage

Pale Flax

Jewel Beetle

Common Water-plantain or Mad-dog Weed

Rampion or Spreading Bellflower


Seaside Centaury

Hottentot Fig, Highway Ice Plant or Pigface

Field Bindweed

Sea Bindweed

Buttonweed or Brass Buttons

Purple Viper’s Bugloss, Patterson’s Curse, Salvation Jane, Blueweed, Lady Campbell Weed or Riverina Bluebell.

Golden Marguerite or Yellow Chamomile

Tree Mallow

Mallow-leaved Bindweed

Purple Morning Glory

Fiddle Dock

French or Spanish Lavender

Illyrian Cottonthistle

Small Scabious

Lesser Periwinkle

Crown Daisy

Hairy Canary-clover

Sweet Alyssum

Portuguese Heath

Silver Nailwort or Silvery Whitlow Wort

Giant Fennel

Mediterranean Plantain

Field Gladiolus or Common Sword-lily

Andalucian Restharrow

Spanish Oyster Thistle

Spotted Rockrose

Pink Rockrose

Gum Rockrose

Corn or Rampion Mignonette

Slender-flowered Garlic

Rock Phagnalon or African Fleabane

Algarve Pink

Greater Quaking Grass or Rattlesnake Grass

Hill Lettuce or Common Andryala

Wall or Buckler-leaved Sorrel

Pink Pirouette

Twiggy Mullein

Hoary Mullein

Spanish Flag or West Indian Lantana or Ham ‘n’ Eggs



Red Dock


Spotted Yellow Sunrose

European Umbrella Milkwort

Sea Knotgrass

Sea Holly

Indian Fig Opuntia or Barbary Fig or Prickly Pear

The Quince (fruit)

Red Assassin Bug

Goldentop or Golden Dog’s-tail Grass

The Swallowtail Butterfly

Wild Carrot (fruit)

Reversed or Persian Clover

Narrow-leaved Clover

Starry Clover

Hyssop Loosestrife or Grass-poly

Violet Sea Lavender

Montpellier Snake

Napoleon Spider

Upright Flax

European Praying Mantis

Jerusalem Sage

Caterpillar Plant

Easter Lily

Darkling Beetle

Wild Leek

Portuguese Thyme

Iberian Water Frog

Sage-leaf Rock-rose

Melon Ladybird

Boar Thistle

Pale Stonecrop

Daisy-leaved Toadflax

Blue Pimpernel

Common Vetch



Bird Claw Sedum

White Asphodel