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Spain – Pyrenees – Mountains

Spain – Pyrenees – Lakes and Rivers

Spain – Pyrenees – Waterfalls

Spain – Pyrenees – The Campsite

Spain – Pyrenees – Torla

Common Wall Lizard

Bee Beetle

June Beetle

Black-veined White Butterfly

Brimstone Butterfly

Cream-spot Tiger Moth

Comma Butterfly

Glow-worm (larva)

Pigmy Cicada

Fruit Fly (Picture Wing Fly)

Red-banded Sand (Digger) Wasp

Common Blue (female)

Scarab Beetle

Wood-boring Longhorn Beetle


Mirid Plant Bug

Black-eyed Blue


Scarce Swallowtail

Green Tortoise Beetle

Picture Wing Fly

Large White Butterfly Caterpillar with parasitic fly pupae

Italian Stink Bug

Click Beetle

Rock Snapdragon

Large Self-heal

Common Centaury


Bladder Campion

English Iris

Common Storksbill


Purple Dead-nettle


Greater Yellow-rattle

Spanish Salsify

Rock Soapwort

Kidney Vetch

Cheddar Pink

Common Dodder

Spanish Hardhead


Pitch Trefoil

White Rockrose

Viper’s Bugloss

Cut-leaf Self-heal

Cat’s Tail

Yellow Melilot

Musk Thistle or Nodding Thistle

Greater Knapweed

Deptford Pink

Cut-leaved Cranesbill

Lady’s Bedstraw

Salad Burnet

Pyrenean Germander or Angelina

Germander Speedwell

Pyrenean Lousewort

Alpine Bistort

Tofield’s Asphodel

Sessile-leaved Broom

Alpine Toadflax

Pyrenean Bellflower

Round-headed Rampion

Greater Butterfly Orchid

Lesser Butterfly Orchid

Greater Stitchwort

Great Meadow Rue

Grass of Parnassus

Perforate St. John’s Wort

Common Agrimony

Corn Poppy

Old Man’s Beard




Dwarf Snapdragon

Velvet or Childling Pink

Nottingham Catchfly


Red Clover

Wood Avens

Spotted Dead-nettle

Common Vetch

Wood Cranesbill

Balm-leaved Figwort

Alpine Pasqueflower

Mountain Valerian

Goat’s-beard Fungus

Bird’s-nest Orchid

Lady’s Mantle

Round-leaved Wintergreen

Hairy or Rough Mallow

Creeping Cinquefoil

Green Hellebore or Bear’s Foot

Wild Strawberry

Upright Mignonette

Everlasting Pea (and guest – Zebra spider!)

Sage-leaved Cistus

Bladder Senna

Sticky Flax

Black Bryony

Quaking Grass

White or Dutch Clover

Mountain Clover

Common Rockrose

Fairy foxglove or Alpine balsam

Red Helleborine


Fairy Flax

Tufted Vetch

Tall Fescue

Narrow-leaved Bellflower

Fragrant Orchid

Western Gorse

Broad-leaved Hemp-nettle

Blue Fleabane

Pyramidal Orchid

Woodcock Orchid

Rusty-back Fern or Scaly Spleenwort

Thick-leaved Stonecrop

Dwarf Mallow


Field Bindweed

Lucerne or Alfalfa

Yellow Wort

Wall Germander

Spreading Bell Flower

Yellow Toadflax

Livelong Saxifrage

Common Eyebright

Field Eryngo

Maiden Pink

Broad-leaved Marsh Orchid

Blue Grass Lily

Turk’s cap Lily


Wood Forget-me-not

Pliant Lettuce

Common Mouse-ear

Narrow-leaved Bellflower

Prickly Sow-thistle

Woody Nightshade

White Asphodel


Deadly Nightshade

Dog Rose

Lesser Calamint

Pyrenean Violet

Wild Basil

Common Spotted Orchid

Pyrenean Hyacinth

Cut-leaved Selfheal


Annual Candytuft

Pyrenean Saxifrage


Red Feather Clover

Blue Pimpernel

Rock Soapwort or ‘Tumbling Ted’


Burnt-tipped Orchid

Robber Fly

Large Speedwell

Tassel Hyacinth

Ox-eye Daisy

Lesser Masterwort

Common Broomrape

Mountain Sainfoin

Graeater Knapweed

Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil

Butterbur Weevil

Grizzled Skipper

Shining Crane’s-bill

Greater Celandine

Spain – Picos de Europa – ‘Mountains in the Sky’

Spain – Picos de Europa – At the top

Spain – Picos de Europa – Cable Car

Spain – Picos de Europa – Campsite at Fuente De

Spain – Picos de Europa – Fuente De from the top

Spain – Picos de Europa – Potes

Spain – Picos de Europa – Bus from Santander

Spain – Picos de Europa – Maps

Pyrenean Rampion

European Owlfly

Dog Rose

Nodding Thistle

Pyrenees Sea Holly

Lady’s Smock

Thyme-leaved Speedwell

Thread-leaved Water-crowfoot

Common Dog Violet

Winged Broom

Maiden Pink

Stinking Hellebore