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Switzerland – Pfingstegg – Fiescherhorn – WOW!!

Switzerland – Schynige Platte – Schreckhorn – WOW!!

Mountain Beaked Milk Vetch

Glacier Crowfoot

Six-spot Burnet (caterpillar)

Switzerland – The Bernese Oberland from Schynige Platte

Yellow Mountain Saxifrage

Willow Gentian

White Mountain Saxifrage

Tufted Leopard’s Bane

Tiger Moth (caterpillar) (?)

Starry Saxifrage

Small Tortoiseshell

Snow Gentian

Small Elephant Hawk Moth

Small Scabious

Scotch Argus

Round-Leaved Wintergreen

Purple Gentian


Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Oak Spider

Mountain House Leek

Moss Campion

Switzerland – Organising Secretary

Meadow Longhorn


Little Blue

Large-Flowered Sticky Eyebright

Lesser Masterwort

Lace Hopper

Herb Paris

Hemispherical-headed Rampion

Hairy Alpenrose

Great Yellow Gentian


Green Alpine Grasshopper

Green Leaf-hopper

Grass of Parnassus

Golden Cinquefoil

Red Fox

Field Gentian

Dwarf Eyebright

Mullein Moth (caterpillar)

Common Monkshood

Common Hemp Nettle

Common Field Grasshopper

Chamois Cress

Buckler-leaved Sorrel

Common Harvestman or Brown Daddy Longlegs

Switzerland – First – a view of Grindlewald

Bearded Bellflower

Alpine Eryngo or Queen of the Alps

Alpine Moon Daisy

Alpine Marmot

The Chamois

Alpine Grasshopper

Alpine Adenostyles

Alpine Speedwell

Alpine Forget-me-not

Alpine Cat’s Tail

Alpine Argus

Hooded Owlet Moth (caterpillar)

Switzerland – Grindlewald

Switzerland – Schynige Platte

Switzerland – Pfingstegg

Switzerland – Kleine Scheidegg

Switzerland – Wilderswil

Green-veined White Butterfly

Crab Spider & Fly

Scorpion Fly

Swallowtail Butterfly

Green Nettle Weevil

Small Apollo

Gorse Sheild Bug

Red Fox

“Just checking ……”

Spurge Hawk Moth (Caterpillar)

Alpine Salamander

Roman Snail

Picture-wing Fly


Wall Lizard

Hummingbird Hawkmoth


Garden Chafer

Alpine Grasshopper

False Heath Fritillary

Holly Blue

Six-spot Burnet

Black-veined White Butterfly

Masterwort and Guest

Wood Vetch

Yellow Monk’s Hood

Yellow Meadow Thistle

Yellow Bellflower

Yellow Alpine Milk Vetch

White Helleborine

Woolly Hawkweed

Broad-leaved Willowherb

Whorled Lousewort

White Dryas

Viviparous Bistort


Common or Heath Speedwell

Two-flowered Sandwort

Tuberous Lousewort

Small Scorpion-vetch

Tormentil & Guests

Spring Gentian

Spiked Rampion

Snowy Woodrush

Snow Gentian

Smooth-stemmed Thistle

Shining Scabious

Tofield’s Asphodel

Round-leaved Penny Cress

Round-headed Rampion

Rock Speedwell

Rhomboid-leaved Bellflower

Reticulate Willow

Rest Harrow

Spotted Dead-nettle

Quaking Grass

Pyramidal Bugle

Purple Saxifrage


Oxeye Daisy

Common Spotted Orchid

Narcissus-flowered Anemone

Mountain Avens


Monk’s Hood

Meadow Buttercup

Mountain Knapweed

Many-coloured Lousewort

Livelong Saxifrage

Leafy Lousewort

Lady’s Smock or Cuckoo Flower

Intermediate Wintergreen

May Lily


Alpine Milk-vetch

Great Yellow Gentian

Greater Stitchwort

Golden Rod

Golden Hawksbeard

Globe Flower

Germander Speedwell

White False Helleborine

Fair Maids of Kent


Eastern Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon

Large-flowered Doronicum

Devil’s Paintbrush

Dark Stonecrop

Cypress Spurge

Spring Crocus

Creeping Gypsophila

Creeping Azalea

Small Cow-wheat




Cheddar Pink


Buckler Mustard

Thyme Broomrape

Broad-leaved Speedwell

Blunt-leaved Willow

Blue Spiked Rampion

Bladder Campion

Bistort or Snakeweed

Bird’s Nest Orchid

Greater Masterwort


Yellow Rattle

Alpine Speedwell


Alpine Soldanella

Alpine Savory

Alpine Pasque Flower

Alpine Meadow Grass

Alpine Lady’s Mantle

Alpine Forget-me-not

Alpine Erinus

Alpine Coltsfoot

Alpine Butterwort

Alpine Bartsia

Alpine Aster

Mountain Sainfoin

Common Milkwort

Leafless-stemmed Globularia

Lily of the Valley

King Cups or Marsh Marigold

Kidney Vetch

Fragrant Orchid

Colombine-leaved Meadow Rue

Broad-leaved Marsh Orchid

Bearded Bellflower