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Golden Sweetheart

Dog Vomit


False Deathcap

Ugly Milkcap

Rosy Bonnet

Yellow Swamp Russula

Sheathed Woodtuft

Honey or Boot-lace Fungus

Glistening Ink Cap

Common Grey Disco


Common Puffball or Devil’s Snuff-box

Artists’ Fungus

Lasiosphaeria ovina

Poison Pax or Brown Roll-Rim

Porcelain Fungus

Clustered Bonnet

Penny Bun

The Blusher

Fly Agaric

Flavoparmelia Lichen

Opegrapha Lichen

Physcia Lichen 1b

Physcia Lichen 1a

Parmelina Lichen 1

Rhizocarpon Lichen 2

Candelariella Lichen

Placynthium Lichen

Parmelia Lichen 1

Degelia Lichen

Dermatocarpon Lichen

Diploicia Lichen

Caloplaca Lichen 8

Caloplaca Lichen 7

Rhizocarpon Lichen 1

Buellia Lichen 1

Lecanora Lichen 1

Candelaria Lichen

Devil’s-bit Scabious

Lesser Skullcap

Caloplaca Lichen 5

Parmelina Lichen 2

Xanthoparmelia Lichen

Isle of Arran – Drumadoon Point at Blackwaterfoot

Isle of Arran – Lochranza Dinner View

Isle ofArran – Lochranza Breakfast View

Isle of Arran – Lochranza to Clonaig Ferry

Isle of Arran – trips around the islands

Isle of Arran – to and from the island

Isle of Arran – Catacol and the Twelve Apostles

Isle of Arran – the Road to Laggan

Isle of Arran – Lochranza Castle

Caloplaca Lichen 3

Caloplaca Lichen 2

Caloplaca Lichen 1

Welsh Poppy

Wild Thyme


Grass of Parnassus



Cross-leaved Heath

Bell Heather

Curled Dock

Devil’s-bit Scabious

Thrift or Sea Pink


Sandstonisaurus Dinosaur

Heath Spotted Orchid

Common Spotted Orchid

Common hair moss or Great Goldilocks

Parmotrema Lichen 1b

Tar Lichen

Shaving Brush Weed

Roundleaved Sundew


Sea Sandwort

Common Limpet

Cinnabar Moth (caterpillar)

Black Knapweed

Peat Mosses


Golden Shield Lichen

Hemp Agrimony

Ragged Robin

Bog Asphodel

English Stonecrop

Procumbant Pearlwort



Bladder Wrack

Egg Wrack

Spiralled Wrack

Channelled Wrack

Marsh Stitchwort

Sticky Groundsel

Wood Sage

Spear Thistle

Crab’s Eye Lichen

Scarlet Waxcap

Lecanora Lichen 2

Porpidia Lichen

Common Seal

Golden-ringed Dragonfly

Ramalina Lichen

Pyrenocollema Lichen

Anaptychia Lichen

Acorn Barnacle

UK – Dorset – Studland Heath

Biting Stonecrop

Thyme-leaved Sandwort




Common Mouse-ear


UK – Holme Nature Reserve

Carline Thistle

Red Clover

Sea Rocket

Fairy Flax

Common Centaury

Marsh Helleborine

Cotton Thistle

Biting Stonecrop


Red Dead-nettle

Field Madder

Thyme-leaved Speedwell


Juniper Hair-cap Moss

Common Cord-moss or Bonfire Moss

Capillary Thread Moss

Common Newt

Cladonia Lichen

Parmotrema Lichen 1a

Foliose Lichen

Physcia Lichen 2

Physcia Lichen 4

Flavoparmelia Lichen

Lecanora Lichen 3

Lecanora Lichen 4

Hypogymnia Lichen

Crustose Lichen

Candelariella Lichen 2

Candelariella Lichen 1

Caloplaca Lichen 4

Swan’s-neck Thyme Moss

Toy Soldiers 2

Giant Bellflower

Sea Lettuce

Jap Weed

Sea Oak

Shaving-brush Weed

Pepper Dulse

Medusa Weed or Eyelash Weed

Gut Weed


Common Coral Weed

Irish Moss or Carrageen Moss

Sugar Kelp (kelp)

Furbelows (kelp)

Oarweed (kelp)

Saw Wrack

Bladder Wrack

Egg or Knotted Wrack

Spiralled Wrack

Channelled Wrack

Speckled Bush-cricket

Quaking Grass

Houndstongue (the fruit) or Rats and Mice (due to its smell)

Man Orchid

Sea Heath

Sea Pea

Field Bindweed


Bladder Senna

Wild Carrot

Goat Willow

Painted Lady

Ragged Robin

Nodding Bur-Marigold



Common Chickory

Yarrow or Milfoil

Tree of Heaven (fruit)

Large Red Damselfly

Dog Rose (Fruit)

Perforate St John’s-wort

Glistening Ink Cap

Hover Fly (on Purple Loosestrife)

Mint Moth

Spindle (flower and Fruit)

Devil’s-bit Scabious

Bee Orchid


Blue-tailed Damsel Fly

UK – East London – Wanstead Park – Autumn